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Review on Black Wall Street Gallery

Marjorie Bontemps

Lingua Naturae

     As you enter the Historic Greenwood District, Black Wall Street (BWT) gallery sits to the southeast. Since its inception in September 7, 2018, the gallery has been exhibiting a twelve-month “Conciliation Series” featuring one African-American artist and one Caucasian artist each month.  November’s exhibit is featuring two female artists - Diamond Walker and Laura Elizabeth Voth. Diamond’s work reflects the idea “around nature in relationship to the existential being, spirituality, and time.” She uses the female figure to symbolize life force, vulnerability and seduction of wanting. Although a variety of mediums are used in her art, the curvature form of the figure traced in gold evokes the idea of life being illuminating, full of love, compassion and wisdom. As she conveys, living life is a true creative process as is in creating art. 

Voth’s approach in her landscape work depicts the idea of beauty shown through nature. Looking at her landscape paintings the use of color to structure space as the complementary color to blue flowing on the top of the mountain shapes, the viewer is reminded of the full force of nature and its beauty.  Although, Voth’s thinking about beauty in nature is to allow people “to experience emotions of hope, peace, joy and restoration.”  The subtlety expressed in all her work truly expresses her passion of pursuing beauty in and of itself. Whereas, the Black Wall Street gallery concept is to continue showcasing artists of different ethnicity and cultural background by using that space to facilitate a new dialogue of bridging the cultural division among Tulsa community. Whether or not this exhibit has triggered some critical dialogues to the gallery’s mission on conciliation, these two artists have found a way to manifest in their art the love for nature and the mystical light of just being. 

Diamond Walker , The Calm, Mixed media on canvas

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